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I can’t get enough of this artist. Besides their own great stuff, their remixes are brilliant too. I’ve posted one track from their 2010 album, All Night called Endless Spring, which is what got me into them. And also a remix of a Sun Airway track which they did this year. Enjoy!

Endless Spring By Houses


Oh Naoko (Houses Remix) By Sun Airway



Dolorean – 33-53.9 N/118-38.8 W

I’m sorry, I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted something, I’ve been listening a lot of music, and now that it’s digesting nicely, i’m ready to write posts again. So here’s a nice track to kick it all off.

It was about a year ago I came across Dolorean. I was in a music venue waiting for a band to came on, and Heather Remind Me How This Ends came on the stereo and instantly loved their sound. However, it was only yesterday I discovered their song, 33-53.9 N/118-38.8 W which shuffled its way on my playlist. It comes from their 2007 album, You Can’t Win. I had it on repeat the whole way home from work. It has such a soothing, classical feel. I love it when artists have the odd instrumental track on their album, I recommend you check it out, it’s a breath of fresh western air.

33-53.9 N/118-38.8 W by Dolorean

Pink Mountaintops

Funnily enough, the majority of the members from this Canadian band are from Black Mountain. The most notable member from the two bands is Stephen McBean who is the singer and songwriter. Pink Mountaintops has been described as “trippy country meets stoner rock”. Their album, Outside Love (2009) does feel like a strange cocktail, where each track has a different taste.

The tracks I’ve posted, While We Were Dreaming and Vampires is a good example of the differences that each track has on the album.  I love the vocals in each songs, and the tracks have a smooth and chilled out pacing. The electronic backdrop in While We Were Dreaming has a such a deep warmth to it, which for me makes it really enjoyable. It took me a few listens to start caring about the lyrics!

While We Were Dreaming by Pink Mountaintops

Vampires by Pink Mountaintops (Song starts 45 seconds in)

The Cave Singers – Swim Club

No Witch (2011) is the third album that The Cave Singers have produced, It was released in February. The band was formed by the former bassist of the indie rock group, Pretty Girls Make Graves. Unlike PGMG, Cave Singers has an acoustic folky twang to it, and due to the rise in popularity of this genre, they’re doing pretty well.

The track Swim Club is my favorite on the album. It’s got a nostalgic warmth to it. It’s one of the more americana tracks, and for me it’s where his vocals are best suited. For some reason it reminds a lot of that Rusted Root song, Send Me On My Way.

Swim Club by The Cave Singers

Beth Jeans Houghton – Dodecahedron

After having my music appetite well quenched after the End Of Road Festival, it’s taken me a few days to digest everything.

One artist i hadn’t plan to see but just happen to catch as I was walking by was Beth Jeans Houghton. A singer-songwriter from Newcastle upon Tyne. She seemed to have stopped a lot of people as they were walking by because the crowd seem to grow little by little.

This song has a wonderful peculiarity to it, I love her voice and the instruments make it a really individual piece.  She’s only 20 years old and it’s amazing to see such a unique sound coming from her.

This track is a single she released this year, and her previous 5 track album, Hot Toast Vol 1 has some great songs on it too. Check it out if you haven’t heard her before.

 Dodecahedron by Beth Jeans Houghton

The Tree Ring – Dreams Where I Am Sleeping

The Tree Ring released their first and very anticipated album Generous Shadows last February, and it was very well received.

Front man Joel P. West is a very interesting character. Seeing his music as art, he initially never wanted to make money from it, so originally the only way to get a copy of his first record was to send him something you’ve created in exchange. A nice idea which gained him a lot of respect in the art scene.

The tracks on the album have an organic richness to them, which is understandable since all the tracks were written in a cabin in Idyllwild and mixed with Birgir Jón Birgisson, the sound engineer for experimental post-rock band Sigur Ros, who is said to be one of West’s biggest inspirations.

The track Dreams Where I Am Sleeping, has an up-beat and enthusiastic melody which combines the rhythmic plucking of Kelly Bennett’s violin. The track has a great tempo, and gives a good flavour of what The Tree Ring’s music is all about.

I think there’s that can inspire us from this San Diego band. I also think the album art is top-notch.